The County has two intersections of major arterial highways that are federally-designated routes: Waterloo (US Routes 50/17 & 340), and Double Tollgate (US Routes 340 & 522) that are uniquely well-suited locations for business activities requiring auto or truck access. Area plans are necessary to insure that appropriate areas of land are provided for such development, that the necessary utility services are available, and that the character of the development enhances the character of the County.

The Waterloo Area Plan was approved in August 1995. The Plan calls for an increase in the area zoned Highway Commercial from 18 acres to 49 acres, an expansion of uses in the Highway Commercial Zoning District, a provision of road networks in the commercial area, and an updating of stormwater management requirements. A copy of the Plan may be obtained from the County Planning Department. Since adoption of the Plan, no new development has been initiated, with just one property, of approximately two acres, redeveloped. No substantial change in the character or circumstances of this area has occurred since the adoption of the Plan, therefore a review and update is not warranted at this time.