Although Clarke County is small in size and in population with only approximately 15,000 people, over 400,000 people live with 30 minutes of us.  On Clarke County’s western border is Winchester and Frederick County, Virginia with a combined population of approximately 95,000 people.  On the County’s eastern border is Leesburg and Loudoun County with a combined population of approximately 280,000 people.  On our northern border is Jefferson County, West Virginia with a population of over 50,000 people.  The population is quite diverse and can meet the needs of any company on nearly every level.

Clarke County is included in the Washington-Dulles Foreign Trade Zone overlay district.  Clarke County’s inclusion into this overlay district allows for businesses to receive duty-free treatment for those items processed or warehoused in the FTZ (Free Trade Zone) that are then to be re-exported.  If those items are to be resold in the U.S. market, the duty payment would be deferred until those items are actually marketed.  The FTZ is managed by the Washington  Airports Task Force and can be reached at 703-572-8714.

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