In 1986, the governing bodies of Clarke County and the Town of Berryville appointed a joint Annexation Committee to study the matter of the Town’s annexing areas on its periphery and to draft a proposed annexation agreement.  In March 1987, the Committee recommended an annexation agreement for the consideration of the two governing bodies. The County Board of Supervisors and the Town Council approved the annexation agreement on December 29, 1988.

The agreement provided for annexation by the Town of two areas: Area A and Area B. Area A is comprised of parcels that were developed and served by the Town’s water and sewer systems as of the date of the agreement.  The 350 acres in Area A were added to the Town’s 493 acres on January 1, 1989.

The agreement stipulates that several requirements must be met before parcels in the 880-acre Area B can be annexed:

  1. A land use plan for this area must be completed and adopted by the County and approved by the Town,
  2. Amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and the Zoning Map to implement that plan

must be enacted by the County, and

3.   The Town provides water and sewer service to proposed development on the parcels.

As of January 1, 2007, the Town has annexed a total of 1,449 acres (or 84 %) of Area B since its establishment in 1989.

On April 21, 1992, the County and Town adopted the Berryville Area Plan, the land use and facilities policy for Annexation Area B.  Implementing zoning ordinances were also adopted in April 1992, and properties were rezoned accordingly in July 1993.  The Plan was amended in 1997 to show changes in land use policies.  This document may be found under separate cover in the County and Town Planning Departments.  In 2007, the County and Town plan to start a review and update of this document.

Land Use Map